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Nourishing Asian Cooking Course

Join our Nourishing Asian Cooking Course and discover the secrets to preparing delicious, healthy, and nourishing Asian dishes. With our seven-module course, you will learn the traditional Asian ingredients and cooking techniques that make Asian cuisine so unique and flavorful.

In our course, you will learn about fermentation and preservation techniques, making nourishing soups and broths from scratch, creating healing teas and tonics from traditional Asian herbs and spices, and preparing nourishing main dishes with high-quality protein sources.

You will also discover the role of sweets in Asian cuisine and learn how to prepare traditional Asian desserts made with nourishing ingredients like sweet rice flour, adzuki beans, and coconut milk. Our course will teach you how to incorporate Asian sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar into your cooking.

Sophie will guide you through the entire process, providing you with practical tips and techniques to help you incorporate nourishing Asian cooking into your daily routine. You will also receive access to resources for further learning and exploration of nourishing Asian cooking.

Join us and discover the benefits of nourishing Asian cooking for yourself and your family!