Chicken Pho Masterclass

Join Sophia as she shows you one of her family's favorite dishes, and her favorite hack to cooking easy, delicious, and nourishing chicken pho for her family using simple ingredients. This Chicken Pho Masterclass will show you how to prepare from start to finish. Sophia will guide you through the entire process, providing you with practical tips and techniques. You will also receive access to resources for further learning and exploration of nourishing Asian cooking.

Join us and discover the benefits of nourishing Asian cooking for yourself and your family!

    "Pho is a family favorite, but I was not confident I could figure out the steps involved or the spices needed for an authentic result. Stirring and straining the broth as I worked and watched alongside Sophie, gave me the push I needed to try. I made it at home, and it was a winner!

    Montse Vittitow

    Pho masterclass attendee