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Season 3, Episode 59: The Benefits of Creating a Traditional Diet From Scratch with Sophie Eng
The Homestead Education Podcast with Kody Hanner
June 20, 2023

Join Sophie Eng, Author of Nourishing Asian Kitchen, at Polyface Farm for God-Given Food!

God's Good Table with Maureen Diaz and Erin Mileski
June 22, 2023

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Season 2, Episode 22: Nourishing Asian Food with Sophia Eng
Modern Ancestral Mamas Podcast with Christine Muldoon and Corey Dunn
October 10, 2023

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BONUS Episode: The Homesteading REALTOR!

Permaculture P.I.M.P.cast with Billy Bond
October 3, 2023

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Episode 255: Tim and Sophia Eng on Cooking and Community Cultivation

Thriving Farmer Podcast with Michael Kilpatrick
October 31, 2023

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Instagram Live: Hannah Crum and Sophia Eng

Kombucha Kamp with Hannah Crum
November 12, 2023

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Episode 277: Food Security, Healthy Eating, and Homesteading Community with Guest Sophia Eng
The Modern Homesteading Podcast with Harold Thornbro
November 8, 2023

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23 Must-Read Books that Will Transform How You Think about Food and the World

Foodtank - The Think Tank for Food
November 13, 2023

The Nourishing Asian Kitchen (and Farm!) with Farmer and Author Sophia Nguyen Eng

Growing For Market Podcast with Katie Kulla
November 14, 2023

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More Ginger, Less Seahorse
In two new cookbooks, traditional Asian herbalism gets a modern, Asian American spin by Cathy Erway
November 21, 2023


Episode 421: The Nourishing Asian Kitchen with Sophia Eng
Join Melissa K. Norris with Sophia Eng, author of The Nourishing Asian Kitchen, as we discuss her journey into homesteading, motherhood, homeschooling, blogging and becoming a cookbook author.
Pioneering Today with Melissa K. Norris
December 8, 2023

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Amaranth Quinoa Congee (Porridge) Recipe by Author Sophia Nguyen Eng
This delicious and nutritious recipe excerpt is taken and adapted from The Nourishing Asian Kitchen.
December 21, 2023

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Culinary Tastemaker Spotlight: Sophia Nguyen Eng
A special feature to spotlight Sophia Nguyen Eng on the Culinary Tastemaker Series.

December 21, 2023

Preserving a Legacy of Faith, Family, and Food with Author Sophia Eng
Sophia Nguyen Eng with Maureen Diaz to share her experience cooking traditional Asian cuisine with her mother, publishing a book, and $300 hens!

God's Good Table YouTube Live
January 25, 2024

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The Nourishing Asian Kitchen with Sophia Nguyen Eng | Malaprop's Presents
Sophia Nguyen Eng shares her new cookbook, and the story of her family's transition to sustainable farming.

Malaprop's Bookstore
January 23, 2024

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Nourishing Asian Cooking with Sophia Nguyen Eng
Sophia Nguyen Eng on the podcast to share her experience cooking traditional Asian cuisine.

Healthy Mama Kris
January 15, 2024

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The Importance of Traditional Whole Food
Sophia Eng joins Carolyn Thomas of Homesteading Family on the Pantry Chat to share the familiy story and motivation behind The Nourishing Asian Kitchen.

Homesteading Family 
January 27, 2024

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