With healing food, relaxation, and adventure

2024 luxury retreat

Nourish Your Body and Soul

Together, Maureen Diaz from God's Good Table and Sophia Eng from Sprinkle With Soil are coming together to create a retreat where luxury meets nourishment, and where the elements of culinary excellence and nature's embrace converge. Join us on this journey where the table is graced by divine flavors, and the soil becomes a source of rejuvenation for mind, body, and soul.

God's Good Table and Sprinkle With Soil bring the wisdom of God's creation to our retreat. This coastal space is a sanctuary where ancient traditions and modern well-being converge for a soul-enriching experience.

Wellness Rooted in Tradition


Maureen and Sophia offer a gastronomic experience that elevates dining to a soulful celebration, with each meal crafted from the finest ingredients sourced from land and sea.

Culinary Delights


Immerse yourself in the calming symphony of nature, from the rustling leaves in the lush forests to the gentle lull of the ocean waves. Connect with your inner self as you find solace in the embrace of Maine's natural wonders.

Healing Nature


Why a Soulful Retreat in Maine?

This beautiful setting is a haven of luxury set against a peaceful scenery. Unwind in opulent accommodations surrounded by God's beauty.

Luxurious Retreat amidst breathtaking tranquility


Our retreat fosters a sense of community, providing opportunities to share experiences, engage in meaningful conversations, and form connections with like-minded individuals. Whether during communal meals or guided activities, this is a special space where souls come together in harmony.

Community and Connection


Be part of our community and share a week tailored to inspire and nourish a passion for life.

Enjoy this unique experience, including a variety of local activities and excursions, while joining Maureen and Sophia in the kitchen to learn new culinary skills as we prepare gastronomic delights in a space designed to nurture your holistic wellbeing.

Bev Martin

"The time spent with such lovely ladies was most nourishing on many levels. Meeting new friends was a real treat! Time spent preparing meals together and enjoying the fruit of our labor was so fulfilling! We were able to share our struggles and successes with one another in a very loving space and I'll always treasure our time together on the retreat."

CEO, Simply Ghee

JUNE 16, 2024


Arrive at Bangor International Airport (BGR) and hop in our private airport shuttle provided to you.


Be welcomed by your hosts, Maureen and Sophia, with a reception of appetizers and drinks.


Start the day off with a hearty breakfast. Explore the beautiful coastal property, relax and get acquainted.


Spend time with Maureen and Sophia in the kitchen together to learn how to meal prep for the week.


Enjoy dinner and a fun time together at Game Night!

JUNE 17, 2024

JUNE 18, 2024


Start the day off with a hearty breakfast. Enjoy an amazing hike at Boot Head Preserve or simply relax and enjoy a good book on the deck.


Going lobstering! Venture off to the Lobsterman's wharf to select our fresh crustaceans for our evening meal.


Enjoy our fresh lobster dinner together!

JUNE 19, 2024


Start the day off with a hearty breakfast. Visit Tide Mill Organic Farm and tour this 9th generation, 200 year old farm! 


Group lunch at Cohill Inn for a local farm-to-table meal together.


Enjoy dinner and fun time together at Movie Night!

JUNE 20, 2024


Start the day off with a hearty breakfast. Hop on the Bay of Fundy Boat Tour to see amazing sites on the water!


Explore the quaint shops of Downtown Lubec.


Enjoy a relaxing dinner together at Lubec's charming restaurant, Water Street Tavern. 

JUNE 21, 2024


Enjoy a hearty breakfast before beginning your journey home! Airport shuttle will depart after breakfast.

Option to add on additional night to depart on Saturday, June 22 2024.

5-Nights in Beautiful Lubec, Maine

Join us for five days of relaxation, healing, and self-discovery.

Amidst the soothing ocean sounds, nourish your body and tap into intuition.

A journey of renewal awaits you.

Maureen Diaz, wife and mother to a large family, spent years homesteading and raising most of her family’s food while studying and practicing regenerative farming practices, nutrition and non-toxic healing modalities. In 2001 this led her to the work of the late Dr. Weston A. Price and the foundation bearing his name.

Since that time she has continued to learn and share with others what she has found to be true and effective. To that end, for many years she has worked with and for the Weston A. Price Foundation.

In 2021 Maureen co-founded God’s Good Table alongside her eldest daughter, Erin. Her goal as always remains this: to help others in the recovery and building of their health and that of their families, while educating others in simple, regenerative practices for small-scale growing of foods, the preservation and preparation of these foods, and using food as medicine. 

A Virginia mountaintop is now home to the Diaz family, where together they enjoy gardening, hiking, kayaking, and welcoming people from near and far to their table.

Meet the Luxury
Maine Retreat Team!

Sophia Nguyen Eng is the best-selling author of The Nourishing Asian Kitchen cookbook. Sophia left a successful Silicon Valley career in growth marketing to start a 5-acre permaculture mini farm in the Appalachian region of eastern Tennessee.

She took a greater interest to better understand where her food comes from because it ties directly into health, and she wanted to provide the best for her family and community. While working in tech, Eng led successful growth marketing campaigns for startups and Fortune 500 companies like Workday, Autodesk, Smartsheet, and InVision, which led to opportunities to develop a certificate training program with CXL Institute and being a founder for the tech organization Women in Growth.

A sought-after speaker, she has presented at Google HQ, GrowthHackers, and the global SaaStalk tech conferences, and uses her experiences and knowledge of food, farming and health to speak at regenerative agriculture conferences, including sharing the stage with Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm.

Sophia is also a Weston A. Price chapter leader and the founder of the website Sprinkle With Soil and the Call to Farms podcast. With her husband, Tim, she raises grass-fed dairy cows and beef cattle, laying hens, broilers, ducks, sheep, goats, turkeys, and grows a variety of produce for her multigenerational family and local community.

Maureen Diaz

Sophia Eng

Don't just take our word for it ...

Praise for Luxury Retreat


"We spent a relaxed few days cooking and eating, doing some Bible study and having very engaged  discussions. When Maureen or Sophie were demonstrating some of their cooking, we all watched and asked questions. We learned lots about nutritional value of the foods and the sourcing of the beautiful fresh foods. Maureen and Sophie would give us little jobs of chopping or combining foods, etc. We had lots of laughs, lots of fun. "

Attended the Nourishing Retreat with Maureen and Sophia


I'm so blessed to have met such wonderful women we became instant friends and still keep in touch today. The cooking skills ,the smiles ,the time to relax eat meals pray together are cherished memories.

Attended the Nourishing Retreat with Maureen and Sophia


Being a busy homesteader, mother, and grandmother of many, I seldom take a good chunk of time away. I knew I was overdue,  and the retreat was very timely. The whole event from beginning to end was nurturing, nourishing, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, and refreshing. I treasure the memories of the fun, laughter, talks, hugs and tears we all shared. It was just a few days, but with an enduring legacy of friendships that make me smile ,and continue to bless me immeasurably. 

Attended the Nourishing Retreat with Maureen and Sophia


It was some of the best food, fellowship, and friend time I have ever had!

Attended the Nourishing Retreat with Maureen and Sophia

Absolutely! Accommodations at the luxury vacation home are included in the price of your ticket.

Are accommodations included?

Our Luxury Retreat has 5 rooms  with double occupancy for up to 10 participants! 

How many spots are there?

Yes!! All food is included but one lunch on our excursion day through downtown Lubec, Maine. You will be able to learn alongside Maureen and Sophia and enjoy some amazing food coming your way!

is food included in the price?


Yes! We have a $1,000 per person deposit due at time of registration, $1,500 per person installment due by March 1, 2024, with final payment due by May 1, 2024

Transportation is provided to and from the airport and to our excursions!

is there a payment plan option?

Is there transportation to the resort?

book your tickets!

book your tickets!