Learn about how our family has reprioritized, made healthy-living a priority to return to our roots by moving out of the Silicon Valley and into the mountain country-life.


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February 13, 2023

Finding Community

Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life (in the San Francisco Bay Area), moving and living rurally in the mountains learning old-fashioned skills can sometimes be isolating. While we have kept ourselves busy with work, homesteading, and homeschooling, we have heard from a lot of working parents on how to find the balance to do it all. We wanted to start off with our family project, this cookbook, and this is where we will offer our full recipes, weekly menu plans, Q&As on our homesteading lifestyle, and anything else you want to hear from us.

After two decades of working in the tech industry and seeing how hyper-growth can be quickly achieved through ads, we want to invest in this community by providing intentional quality content for those who are interested in what we do here on our farm. Paid newsletter subscriptions (coming soon!) are for those interested in getting access to our private community where they can comment, discuss, and interact with us and the community directly.

What to expect in our community

I’ll be posting on a weekly basis to start, and you can expect cooking posts and well as posts reflecting on our regenerative homestead. As a free subscriber, you will get access to the public posts. As a paid subscriber, you will get exclusive access to recipes, the community, and AMA threads (to come soon)!

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