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May 27, 2023

Pre-Order The Nourishing Asian Kitchen!

Order The Nourishing Asian Kitchen Cookbook today!

Announcing our soft pre-order launch of my forthcoming cookbook, “The Nourishing Asian Kitchen” available now!

My grandfather always said, “Eat to live, do not live to eat!” Little did I know his advice to me as a little girl would stay with me and change the trajectory of my life when I had my own children.

Thank you to my biggest supporters, Tim, my husband, who shouldered the burden of homestead life and homeschooling while I worked with my mom these past 8 grueling months to get this all together. To my mom, who has the patience like nobody else I know to work with me on recipes these last 12 years to make it clean, nourishing, and delicious to her discerning palate. It’s been like working on a Ph.D dissertation and many late nights and gray hairs. Thank you to Sally Fallon Morell who gave me her support of this “missing book” in the Nourishing Traditions library. To David Koung Photography and his team for these beautiful Hollywood photos shot in LA! To Chelsea Green Publishing and team for seeing the value of our story and this cookbook and playing a part to bringing awareness to food, farming, and health. To my many friends who have shared, been inspired by, reached out, and all the encouraging messages I’ve received have helped push me through another page. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


To all be His glory,


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